Boss' Budget Building Course

Learn the importance of creating a budget with mind-shifting tips and techniques, how to create a sound and sensible money-focused lifestyle, and get your financial goals met!

The Boss' Budget-Building Course is a comprehensive course teaching the importance of budgeting, no matter what your current income is. This course is targeted mainly for individuals in low-to-middle income brackets (about $60K annually and below). 

This course is designed to teach comprehensive planning and lifestyle changes around having a steady and working budget that helps you to save more and be more mindful of your dollar overall.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions within the course, you can always shoot me an email at:

What's included?

8 Texts
5 PDFs
Mallori Symone
Mallori Symone
Principal Consultant & Strategist

About Mallori Symone

Mallori Symone is an entrepreneur and owner of M Symone Media & Consulting where she acts as Principal Consultant and Strategist.  With over ten years experience within the media, business management, entrepreneurship, and financial fields, she has served as a consultant and guide for clients and other small business owners to help them with their finances, business operating structures, and more.  Her goal is always equip her clients with tools that provide them with a  better understanding of their business, by honing on work their strengths, and simultaneously keep passive income as a constant in their lives.

What others have been saying about this course:

Christopher Hill

Packed with lots of info for a fraction of the cost!!!

Just finished the course and, as usual, Miss Mallori Symone provides great, life changing information on financial stability and growth. From the beginning to the end of the course, you will learn so much that pen and paper are necessary. I was a...

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